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ESCROW SG to launch new web application in July

ESCROW SG – The FinTech innovation arm of the Watiga group, Sircured Pte Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of an all-inclusive web application for escrow services, ESCROW SG Online.

This will allow for self-administration of escrow transactions, where buyers and sellers can transact in both fiat and crypto currency, with only a transactional fee of 1.75%.

Crypto users are able to transact ERC-20 tokens as ESCROW SG Online is built on the Ethereum Mainnet. In addition, they have integrated WalletConnect and Metamask so you can still use your preferred wallet of choice. Simply connect to ESCROW SG Online and fund the smart contract. Once buyers and sellers are in agreement, the recipient can withdraw funds from the smart contract.

ESCROW SG Online does not compromise on compliance. ESCROW SG conducts stringent AML/KYC checks as part of their client onboarding to ESCROW SG Online. This is done so that you are assured you are transacting with safe and trusted counterparties. What’s more ESCROW SG can step in as an independent neutral third-party in cases of dispute.

Founded last year, ESCROW SG aims to help mitigate transaction risk by providing a safe and secure environment for deals between counterparties and by helping to reduce the risk of a transaction failing between parties.

ESCROW SG contemplates serving a variety of use cases such as Sale and Purchase Agreements, Paymaster and Marketplace escrow transactions.

Be sure to watch ESCROW SG as they continuously roll out further updates to meet your complex transactions.

ESCROW SG is spearheaded by Watiga’s founder, Matt Richards, as well as Watiga’s head of Custody and Escrow, Iwan Hartono.


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