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WATIGA TRUST is a licensed trust company and an Approved Trustee for Collective Investment Schemes (CIS), regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 

WATIGA TRUST complements the service offerings under the WATIGA umbrella by providing trust, fiduciary and escrow functions to serve investment managers, corporates, family offices and project sponsors as their trustee of choice, with particular skills in challenging corporate finance workouts and restructuring.

WATIGA TRUST is a member of the Singapore Institute of Banking and Finance, the Singapore Trustees Association, the Singapore Venture and Private Capital Association, and the Asia Pacific Loan Market Association.

WATIGA TRUST can fill various roles in corporate finance transactions, including:

  • Bond and/or security trustee

  • Account bank services (such as cash lock-boxes in mezzanine finance transactions)

  • Custodian trustee services (such as providing escrow for cash and/or documents)

  • Equity trustee for management/employee shares

  • Trustee for special purpose entities in securitisations

In addition, WATIGA TRUST provides private client solutions, with bespoke solutions for asset protection, succession planning or commercial confidentiality:

  • Discretionary family trusts 

  • Private unit investment trusts

  • Testamentary trusts, wills and estate planning

  • Charitable trusts

WATIGA TRUST, through a strategic alliance, is also able to coordinate the services of an Indonesian onshore security agent through its custodial infrastructure of PT Indo Capital Sekuritas, a licensed full service brokerage dealer member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

As technology continues to permeate all aspect of financial services, WATIGA TRUST offers niche services for market entrants in FinTech, by modernising "old world" trust and fiduciary concepts into the FinTech context, and to bring credibility, compliance and transaction assurance to FinTech participants.

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